DamageCopier 3.2

It allows you to recover data from damaged drives, edit disc sectors, and more (See all)

DamageCopier allows you to recover data from damaged devices like flash drives, scratched audio CDs , DVDs, hard drives, diskettes, etc. It also allows you to do some other functions. In the main window you can access all options: copy files, copy music, copy the whole disk, copy image drive, repair damaged drive, format drive, edit sectors, program settings, help, and safe deletion. The copy files option allows you to copy files from a damaged drive; you have the option to move a selected file only. Copy music allows you to grab music from damaged CDs. Copy whole disk allows you to copy a selected type of files or all files. Copy image drive copies all sectors of the desired drive to an image file. Damaged drives option allows you to check a drive testing its clusters. Edit disc's sectors must be used carefully because you can overwrite key drive's sectors like MBR or FAT table and lose your data. Safe deletion option allows you to delete files completely without any chance of restoring them. The price described was converted in US dollars with the exchange rate of 1.26. The real price of the product is 10 Euros.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can set it to turn your PC off after any operation
  • A low priority may be assigned while the application is working


  • The trial version allows you to run the program 20 times
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